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(Ice it seem like I be out my body most time)

Nigga doing about 150 on the eway in an out of lanes unnecessarily, nigga ask me "Ice it seem like I be out my body most time its like something takes ova me " Wait first slow yo ass down nigga ,look listen (Church) The reverse of E=MC2, or the theory of relativity. E=MC2 means the ENERGY is equal to the MASS of that object, multiplied by the speed of light. However, the reverse of that same equation is the MASS multiplied by the speed of light is equal to the ENERGY. This means that IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR ENERGY, THEN YOUR ENERGY CONTROLS YOU. I Am Iceberg Jones

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"Whats Wrong With these Little Niggas Out Her Ice"

As she dipped her hand in the bag of kush,
she asked me, "whats wrong with these little niggas out her Ice" I told her~This new class of lower Self beings (drones) who have no conscious, order, inner structure, or knowledge of self whatsoever. Ruled by planet Mars, he has no control over his aggression and war-like tendencies. This puts him in the MC2=E lit~ Iceberg Jones

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"Wait This Bitch Fell Asleep"

Ice hey Ice finish reading to me, are you high "oh ya got you sit back sexy, OK now listen ~The 13 foot water fall played in the back ground. It was one of those beautiful nights,where the moon was full. Which heighten the minds of the 5 queens that accompanied the 3 gods.In what was called the Night of Soul Glow.In this ceremony the village would pic 3 to 5 women from each tribe to visit with the gods an return with the word for the day.All had ether 9 hair pulled back with diamonds the size of almonds an emeril green gems lace through their hair~. "Wait This Bitch Fell Asleep".

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She A Cancer Straight Sex Freak,

Ya I remember Shelia, she a cancer straight sex freak, ya I liked this one she's the only woman that i ever loved. But I had to let her go because she was to emotional and clingy. Very manipulative convo.

~ I AM IceBerg Jones

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Frozen Emotions

 When someone tries to covertly control your actions subconsciously through your emotions and feelings.

fck that pause the situation. freeze thee emotion then switch toa  proactive state of mind . Capricorn season . Pimp mathematics

. I Am IceBerg Jones

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Ice What Are The Exaggerators?

On our way out she asked, Ice what are the exaggerators? I see you've been listening. Well they are the people who exaggerate what you say and try to make you justify your character.
They be trying to put a put spin on everything you say and enjoy seeing people’s reaction. (Fck em)
Let's go.

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Mary Mag I remember

Yes, Mary Mag I remember people would confuse her with to sweet till she pulled out that 40glock. She always like to bite. Sometimes I let her. Very possessive maybe that's why I choose her to watch my back.

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With Her Virgo Ass

Tam, this one I only know by her first name
She like to wash clothes naked. Then fold em
She's a neat freak. An a freak, so we got this thang we do called neatly Fcking. With her Virgo ass. they be on some straight pro woman type shit.


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/Cobra King Hold My Dream /

Dark as the night/ these I write /my pen spit ice 24/7 /roll the dice /this game we play /ain't shit /cobra king hold my dream /for this money i'm a fen /with no love you gone bleed/ ......Ice Ice...wait listen. What bitch what !!!!!! You fcking up my flow. Sorry bae but tell me something, why do I feel trapped but i'm free, I mean it feels like i'm freely trapped. You understand what i'm saying Ice . Sweet heart listen an i'm going to only tell you this once "You struggle to find what you want to do with your life because nothing in this reality really intrigues you enough to be dedicated to it. A part of you remembers so much more that life here is almost banal.You have trouble being in touch with your body, or its limitations frustrate you, because you remember far more freedom. Part of you feels you should be able to fly" now fly yo ass out my car you fcking up my flow ....

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Make Her Stronger

I met her just like this. Ya I remember, Angie, I called her strong ass. I use to sit my drink on her butt. I told her l can make her stronger. She accepted so I put her thro hell so she got to heaven. Now shes a very humble lady with plenty of game.

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I Called Her Yoga

I called her Yoga. This one right here. All positions
In one night. Doggy style is her favorite. She loves to role play and watch porn. We use to smoke weed while performing oral sex on each other. My memories so blissful.

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Supreme Ass

She threw the spandex on an stood str8 up. Supreme ass is wa I call it. A destiny for filled, the irony of it all. She's a freak with a free spirit. Meaning a sprung man would have to accept the fact that shes fcking several niggas, an getting jack balled to, plus she gets down with other women. Now playa if you can handle that you good. You might have activated the pimp chakra in you.

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A Beautiful Life Full Of Sex An Drama

Now what's fin to happens next will be very interesting. Food or sex. I hungry but that ass looks good tho. After a long night of paper chasing this is what I walk in to. A beautiful life full of sex an drama. I Am IceBerg Jones.

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